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Latin History for Morons

As longtime John Leguizamo fans, as soon as we read about Latin History for Morons, my husband, Jonathan, and I rushed to the Public Theater and bought tickets. We saw the show the other night.

We loved it. We love him. Why? Let me count some ways:*

His performing/writing gifts, humor, heart, passion, honesty, intelligence, anger, observations, warmth, sexy dancing, sexy face, male and female characterizations, going from one to the other seamlessly, knowledge of history, eagerness to learn and share, and His Presence.

Woody Allen says 80% of life is showing up. Leguizamo majored in showing up.

In the lobby after the show, I bought his book, Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, and All the Rest of My Hollywood Friends. I assumed the cute, young guy selling it worked for the Public Theater. No. He’s John’s assistant, David. Jonathan and I didn’t plan on staying to get our book signed, but cute, young David is also personable and smart. We talked with him as we waited in line about writing, performing, my New School classes, and my wanting John to play a part—maybe several parts--in the adaptation of Finding Mr. Rightstein.

Then…as John Leguizamo and I exchanged books, he schmoozed with us like he had all the time in the world, as he had with the people in line before us, I told him the same thing. He’d be great as Mr. Rightstein, some of the Wrongstein men, and perhaps a few of the women.

*There are many other reasons I think he’s great, but I’m keeping my blog posts short.


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