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Us Too

I like to think we’re getting there. Making progress, anyhow.

In the NY Times Book Review Sunday, March 25, except for an essay collection, I WROTE THIS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, by Tim Kreider, every book reviewed is by a woman. And Tim Kreider’s is at the end on ‘the short list.’ And he is compared to David Sedaris and E.B. White. Yay for good essays and humor!

Every reviewer in the March 25 issue is a woman except for Dwight Garner, the literary critic and onetime NY Times Book Review Senior Editor. With two other critics, he wrote the article ‘The New Vanguard’ about the “15 remarkable books by women that are shaping the way we read and write fiction in the 21st century.”

Thank you, Pamela Paul! Glad you’re at the helm.

Glad, too, to be restored on Sunday afternoon in ‘Restorative Yoga’ at my gym. The teacher, Linda, is lovely. Genuine. Calming. Her voice soothes. Unlike other yoga teachers, she does not use terms or get into poses that intimidate me. She’s like the Mr. Rogers of yoga. Unlike other classes—Vinyasa and Athletic to name a few, at which I’ve been stuck in the pretzel pose, or in some strange twist--Linda’s ‘Restorative Yoga’ is about gentle stretching, breathing, being, and getting totally relaxed.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

My husband, Jonathan, was on the mat next to mine. In the moment and, as Linda says, ‘in the practice.’ In a class of seventeen, Jonathan was one of three men. Some Sundays, Jonathan is the only man. The previous Sunday, he went without me.

His taking 'Restorative Yoga' is consensual.

Love ‘N Stuff,


Ps. Feel free to comment below. If you wish, tell us something you share or do with a family member or friend, or anything you want to say about Me Too.


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