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28 Updates on Bathing Suits, Culture, and Feet

1. My podiatrist’s receptionist has a foot problem.

2. Planters Fasciitis.

3. I had Planters Fasciitis. No more. It’s not the reason I recently saw ‘my podiatrist.’

4. I had a teeny tiny different problem. It healed. I’m back at the gym (ugh!) and to walking (Yay!) 4.0-5.5 miles a day.

5. The podiatrist’s receptionist, also a walker, is taking buses and subways now.

6. He’s doing the exercises I suggested for Planters Fasciitis.

7. Fortunately, he’s doing the exercises the podiatrist suggested, too.

8. The one-man play/magical show, IN & OF ITSELF wowed me. Such fun!! The photo below on the left is me with Derek Delgaudio, the terrific writer/performance artist/magician after the show.

9. Jennifer Egan spoke at the New School about her research on the New York waterfront and the Irish mafia for her wonderful novel, MANHATTAN BEACH.

10. My friend, whom I took to the Egan event, told me her uncle was in the Jewish mafia.

11. And that her cousins got used to seeing bodies in the trunk of their car.

12. Jennifer Egan writes many drafts of all her books, her first by hand on yellow legal pads.

13. After her talk, I bought a yellow legal pad.

14. I attended the NY Times Talk at which Glenda Jackson and Laurie Metcalf, two of the stars of THREE TALL WOMEN which I’m seeing in June, were interviewed.

15. Fortunately, the two tall women interviewed sat on the stage, not right in front of me.

16. According to Michael Cunningham in THE HOURS, Virginia Woolf skipped breakfast and wrote for an hour before eating.

17. I’m going to write before breakfast tomorrow.

18. We’ll see.

19. My New School spring class ended. A wonderful group. Strong writing.

20. I am a little post-partum-y.

21. Fortunately, students from the class were challenged, inspired and shared their best selves on the page. Some will be taking my advanced class and my one-day workshop June 23.

22. Both upcoming classes are great! You, too, can register for my New School June 23 workshop at CLICK HERE

23. Since my March 20 blog about the Strand Bookstore and bathing suits, people are offering me bathing suit advice.

24. Which includes brands that could work and stores I might like.

25. One person said that when I put on a bathing suit, I should hold my tummy in.

26. Who asked?

27. Fortunately, my dear friend, Peggy, told me she buys Speedos at Costco for $20 and offered to get me some.

28. Fortunately, I’m having dinner with Peggy tomorrow, will give her the label of the Speedo I wear along with $60 for three suits, and pray I never have to try on bathing suits again, and that Peggy and me, and Peggy and Costco never have a parting of the ways.



Ps. Feel free to comment about anything including: the above list, what you’re reading, seeing, what you wear when you swim or don’t swim, or something about feet.


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