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Before taking off from LA to NYC last week, I was about to open a bag of mixed nuts I bought at LAX when a flight attendant announced that the people in rows 8 through 10 (us) were not to eat nuts.

A passenger among us was allergic.

I shared this food restriction request with my class the other day. Several students said they’ve been told not to eat certain foods on planes and elsewhere. For me, it was a first. One said his father is allergic to every food imaginable, refuses to deal with it, and doesn't want anyone to know.

I’m thinking of other students and food allergies. A woman, in my advanced class for years, wrote an essay about her son’s peanut allergy. It was published in a well-known, well-paying magazine. She received tons of fan mail. Another wrote and sold several touching, funny pieces on aspects of her daughter’s dairy allergy: her college junior-year in Australia, vacationing, and dating (including an incident at a Dairy Queen). Still another wrote about his own serious food allergies from his first birthday cake, at school, with friends, and now with his fiancé. He’s a gifted composer/musician. I’m hoping he did something with his allergy essays. He struck familiar chords.

Mainly, I’m thinking of our different ways of moving through the world. And dealing. With our issues. Children. Parents. Partners. Siblings. Friends. Co-workers. Students. New situations. Frightening situations. Discomfort. Joy. Everything.

We’re all nuts on this bus. We all have nuttiness in our families. Those who claim or pretend otherwise...wouldn't you say they're the nuttiest of us all?

Love ‘n Stuff,


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