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My Play’s My Thing / Vote

“The play’s the thing….” said Hamlet.

My thing, too. I’m adapting my memoir, “Finding Mr. Rightstein” for the stage, blogging here about it to be accountable--like dieters let people know they’re on a diet; I’m not dieting—and to continue this journey unafraid.

They say it takes at least 1O years from the time a play is ready for it to be produced. I write. Revise. Write. Revise. Listen to my gut, dramaturgs, the director and actors with whom I’ve been working, then write and revise some more.

Abraham Lincoln said, “I shall study and prepare myself so that when my chance comes, I will be ready.”

Lincoln said everything brilliant Mark Twain, Shakespeare, and Oscar Wilde didn’t.

My play reading Friday, organized by my talented director who brought a talented cast, was terrific. Many want to continue on this challenging, fun ride.

So....FMR and I will be at the theater in 10 years, give or take a few, even if they bring me from what Roz Chast calls ‘the place.’

Vote on November 6.


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